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NEW! CAEL Preparation Pack

CAEL Preparation Pack

Preparing for the CAEL Assessment? We have what you need!

With the CAEL Preparation Pack, learn about the format of the CAEL Assessment, discover test taking tips and strategies, build your academic vocabulary, develop your essay writing skills and improve your language use. All four courses include fillable PDF worksheets and can be conveniently accessed on your computer, and are designed to help you get the score that you need on the CAEL Assessment.

Key features of the CAEL Preparation Pack:

  • 4 complete practice tests with answer keys
  • Overview of the format of the CAEL Assessment
  • Test taking tips and strategies
  • Essay writing guidance
  • Sample essays from real test takers
  • Vocabulary building activities
  • Lessons on grammar and sentence structure
  • 25+ worksheets to develop your academic language skills

The CAEL Preparation Pack is suitable for self-directed study by individual test takers, as well as for classroom use, and purchasing the Preparation Pack allows you to access these materials for three months. The courses are fully computer delivered and include fillable PDF worksheets that can be saved by the user.

Note: This product is not compatible with tablets or cell phones.


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