Responsibilities of the Unit

  • provide the best quality of service to customers and clients via email, telephone, online chat, mail, or face-to-face interactions
  • respond to general inquiries about Paragon’s tests
  • respond to technical inquiries relating to online registration, electronic instructional products, or online accounts
  • process customer requests, such as transfers, cancellations, re-evaluations, express rating, and book orders, in a timely manner
  • recommend instructional materials and any other products or services that would be of benefit to test takers

csrThe Customer Service Unit is an integral part of Paragon Testing Enterprises. It aims to provide the best customer experience possible to test takers located across the country. Paragon’s customer service representatives are located at its head office in Vancouver, BC, as well as its office in Toronto, ON. This enables the team to provide consistent, accurate, and timely service to test takers, while working together with the other Paragon units to ensure that test takers are satisfied with their test-taking experience.

Both general and technical support is offered to test takers before the start of each test, and the unit then offers support as soon as the test has concluded at Paragon’s partner test centres. Customer service representatives are often the first point of contact for anyone contacting or visiting Paragon, from test takers to potential employees and consultants, so strong interpersonal skills, a professional and friendly demeanour, and a strong aptitude for problem solving are necessary qualities for anyone fulfilling this role within the company.