Responsibilities of the Unit

  • provide a range of industry-leading products that give test takers the tools they need to prepare for the Paragon test of their choice
  • develop and implement preparation programs that enable test takers to effectively prepare for Paragon’s tests
  • provide study materials that appeal to a variety of learning styles, allowing test takers to select a learning method that they feel will work best for them
  • educate test takers about the format of Paragon’s tests
  • familiarize test takers with test items and provide guidance on how to respond to them

The Instructional Products Unit at Paragon Testing Enterprises is focused on providing a range of study materials and preparation programs that help test takers achieve the best possible results on Paragon’s tests. Its study guides, practice tests, and learning programs focus on providing practice exercises, sample responses, key test-taking strategies, and language skills practice to test takers. The unit also administers a classroom-delivered preparation program that was developed to give test takers the kind of personalized attention and in-depth preparation that will greatly increase their chances of success.

The unit has staff members with a variety of different skills and backgrounds, including education, linguistics, publishing, and the English language. This unit works closely with the other units at Paragon to ensure that test takers are getting the best possible test preparation. This includes working with Test Research and Development to ensure that the content of instructional products and programs is an accurate reflection of the tests; with Customer Service to ensure that customer needs are being met; and with Information Technology to ensure that products are up-to-date and reflect current trends in educational technology.