Responsibilities of the Unit

  • set up and provide training to new test centres
  • manage test sitting schedules and travel to new test centres to help set up their first test sittings
  • provide both general support and technological support to test centres on test days
  • maintain consistency across test centres by ensuring that test centres follow Paragon’s policies and procedures
  • manage Paragon’s flagship test centre at its headquarters in Vancouver, BC

As members of the Test Centre Operations Unit work closely with all of Paragon’s test centres, they must manage a variety of roles and responsibilities. This guarantees that both Paragon and test centre personnel can effectively provide the best experience possible to test takers and maximize accountability in both organizations.

Since the CELPIP Test is fully computer-delivered, individuals working in Test Centre Operations need strong technological skills, and many of the unit’s members have backgrounds in information technology so that they can provide the highest level of support to test centres. Unit staff handle such diverse responsibilities as:

  • managing test centre relationships,
  • auditing test centres,
  • supporting test centres on both the day of their first test sittings and subsequent test sittings,
  • training test centre personnel, and
  • managing quality assurance across test centres.

Paragon Testing Enterprises has staff designated to schedule ad hoc test sittings in areas that do not have test centres available, as well as staff responsible for making special accommodations for test takers who are unable to take a Paragon test under normal test conditions.

Test Security

Paragon Testing Enterprises has a team directly responsible for the security of its tests and its test centres. The team’s responsibilities are to ensure the safety and security of test takers and test centres, and to ensure the security and validity of the tests themselves. Paragon takes test security issues very seriously and evaluates any incidents, first determining the level of severity, and then either resolving the issue or passing the report on to an expert panel for further review.