Responsibilities of the Unit

The Information Technology (IT) Unit at Paragon is located at its headquarters and is staffed by Paragon employees. Its quality technological work is the foundation upon which the work of all of the other units at Paragon are built. Since the CELPIP Test is fully computer delivered, the IT Unit plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Paragon’s daily operations are working at their full capacity. Its goals are ensuring that the company stays competitive and innovative, keeping the lines of communication open with other units, ensuring that the company has the technological support that it needs to operate, and maintaining Paragon’s place as an organization on the cutting edge of new testing technologies.

The Information Technology Unit’s members work together to ensure the smooth functioning of the company’s technological operations and to support the other units as they consistently improve the quality of Paragon’s products and services. The unit supports the Instructional Products and Programs Unit as they update and release study materials; it facilitates more effective interactions with test takers and test centres by keeping systems efficient and up-to-date for Customer Service and Test Centre Operations; and it supports Test Research and Development as it releases new test questions that provide a better assessment of test taker proficiency.