Paragon expands CELPIP and CAEL in India

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Vancouver, Canada (March 4, 2020)

Paragon Testing Enterprises expands the availability of the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program – General (CELPIP-General) and the Canadian Academic English Language Test – Computer Edition (CAEL CE) to more locations in India.

Paragon partnered with MeritTrac Services to open Paragon Test Centres in several locations across India where test takers will have access to the computer-based tests.

Dr. Donald Wehrung, CEO and President at Paragon, said, “We are very pleased to partner with MeritTrac to expand the availability of the CELPIP-General and CAEL CE Tests in India. Previously, we had one location in Chandigarh, but have had a lot of demand from test takers in India requesting additional locations. We are excited that test takers will now have greater access to our high-quality tests to prove their English language proficiency for immigration to Canada or study in Canada.”

Shawn Lepper, National Director of Business Development at MeritTrac stated, “We are delighted to deliver the CELPIP-General and CAEL CE Tests, and we are confident that they will be successful. Test takers at our test centre will experience a professional computerized testing environment.”

The first location with MeritTrac is now open in New Delhi with several test sittings for the CELPIP-General Test being administered every month. CAEL CE is currently available in Chandigarh along with our CELPIP-General Test, but MeritTrac will soon be delivering CAEL CE as well. Throughout 2020, MeritTrac will deliver the tests at several more locations throughout India.

Since Paragon’s founding in 2009, the company has rapidly expanded and now includes over 70 test centres across Canada. More recently, Paragon has extended its network of test centres internationally to keys areas in India, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. In addition, CAEL CE is available in mainland China. The company plans to continue expanding internationally to areas of high demand.

About CELPIP-General

CELPIP-General measures the English language proficiency of test takers’ listening, reading, writing, and speaking in a variety of everyday situations.

The test is Canada’s leading general English test for immigration purposes and professional accreditation. CELPIP-General is designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for use by individuals who are applying for permanent resident status in Canada and Canadian citizenship. A number of other organizations accept the test, including professional associations, schools, and employers.

More information regarding the test is available on the CELPIP website at


CAEL CE measures the English language proficiency of test takers’ listening, reading, writing, and speaking in academic settings.

The test is one of the best tools for identifying students with the right English skills for academic success. It provides an authentic representation of English language use in a Canadian academic context. Test takers read articles, listen to lectures, answer questions, and write a short essay, as they would be expected to do in a first-year Canadian university or college classroom.

The test is currently accepted by more than 180 Canadian universities and colleges for admission to their academic programs.

More information regarding the test is available on the CAEL CE website at


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