Paragon Position Description

CELPIP Rater – Speaking & Writing

Company Description

Paragon Testing by Prometric operates in the highly competitive and rapidly growing industry for English proficiency tests and their instructional products and programs. Paragon aspires for its tests to become the Canadian tests of choice for immigration to Canada and for admission to Canadian universities and colleges.

Position Summary

CELPIP Speaking and Writing Raters assess the English language proficiency of individuals who take one of the CELPIP tests administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises. They carry out the rating process by assessing each test taker’s responses (either speaking or writing) to the CELPIP test using a CELPIP rating rubric that has been developed by Paragon for the type of response.  All rating is performed by the CELPIP Raters online using an Online Rating System subject to strict deadlines for the completion of assigned rating.  The performance of each CELPIP Rater is monitored weekly to ensure close conformance with the CELPIP rating rubric. CELPIP Raters are paid a fixed amount (i.e., piece rate) for each speaking or writing task assigned to them that has been completed by the specified deadline.  CELPIP Raters report to the Scoring Lead.

The responsibilities include, but are not limited, to:

General obligations to Paragon and test candidates:

  • Assess test candidates’ language proficiency levels (speaking or writing) using the principles and criteria specified by the CELPIP training materials, rating rubrics, and Paragon;
  • Regularly consult the CELPIP training materials and graded samples to remain consistent with rating criteria;
  • Respect test takers’ privacy and not disclose any information from the test takers’ responses;
  • Remain unbiased and give equally fair assessment to all test takers;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information that pertains to Paragon business, Paragon rating scales, test takers, or scoring operations;
  • Meet all deadlines specified by Paragon regarding the rating process;
  • Read regular communications from Paragon regarding the rating process;
  • Participate in regular rater seminars as required by Paragon;
  • Conduct rater training exercises as required by Paragon.

Working hours, location, and equipment:

  • Use your own computer equipment and internet connection to connect to Paragon’s servers to carry out your rating assignments;
  • Conduct your work wherever you choose within Canada so long as it is a fitting environment for CELPIP rating which is quiet, private, and secure and that maintains the confidentiality of the test responses and all aspects of the CELPIP rating process.  CELPIP Raters may not conduct CELPIP rating when they are physically outside of Canada such as while at a secondary residence or on vacation; when physically located outside of Canada CELPIP raters must take a leave of absence from rating;
  • Conduct your work whenever you choose so long as all deadlines for completing rating assignments as specified by Paragon are satisfactorily met.

The candidate should possess the following qualities:

  • Canadian citizenship, residency, or current work permit;
  • Completed undergraduate degree;
  • ESL teaching certification recognized by TESL Canada, graduate training in language education, or graduate training in linguistics;
  • 3 years of ESL teaching experience, 3 years’ experience in language education, or 3 years’ experience in a linguistics related field;
  • Native speaker or CLB 11/12 English language proficiency;
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada.

Applicants can submit their resume (cover letter optional) to

Areas of responsibility included within individual job descriptions and reporting relationships will change as Paragon adapts to its competitive environment, expands into new products and services, and grows in size. The employee should be ready and willing to work with the Executive Committee to redefine their areas of responsibility as required by the needs of the company.