CAEL CE now available in the Philippines

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Paragon Testing Enterprises is pleased to announce that the first test centre in the Philippines to offer the Canadian Academic English Language Test – Computer Edition (CAEL CE) is now open and accepting test registrations, with the first CAEL CE sitting taking place on Saturday, May 25, 2019.

CAEL CE is trusted by over 180 universities and colleges as proof of English language proficiency for admission to their academic programs, including 100% of Canadian English-speaking universities that accept international students. Key features of CAEL CE include:

  • A fully computer-delivered test, with all components completed in one test sitting, and no human examiners present
  • Fast results, available online within 8 business days of completing the test
  • Incorporation of Canadian English and accents, using the English that test takers hear and use in their studies in Canada
  • Convenient study materials, including free sample tests, webinars, and online courses

Paragon Testing Enterprises is Canada’s leader in English language testing and the proud developer of CAEL CE and the CELPIP Tests. CAEL CE is the only Canadian academic English language proficiency test. All four skill components (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) of the test are evaluated by CAEL CE, in a test that is delivered by computer at 3-hour test sittings that are held at Paragon’s 60+ test centres across Canada and internationally.

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