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About Research at Paragon

Paragon’s Test Research and Development unit is responsible for designing, developing, and conducting research on the company’s tests of English proficiency and other content areas as they emerge.  In support of the company’s overall mission, the Test R&D unit’s mission is to develop and produce innovative, valid, fair, accurate, and high quality assessments through collaboration among the unit’s members and with its many stakeholders. 

The goals of the unit are as follows:

  • To continue strengthening the validity of all Paragon’s assessments
  • To ensure the security and integrity of all Paragon’s assessments
  • To develop an expert team that can rapidly develop and deploy new assessments while improving the quality of current products
  • To develop and operate flexible, robust measurement systems that can readily integrate and deliver new assessments
  • To establish the identity of Paragon’s assessments as Canadian tests through collaboration with key stakeholders throughout Canada

Paragon is dedicated to sharing the research on its English language testing program with users of its tests.

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The University of British Columbia and Paragon Partnership


Professor Bruno Zumbo, Paragon UBC Professorship in Psychometrics and Measurement

The University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus), Faculty of Education, Office of the Provost, and Paragon Testing Enterprises (a subsidiary of The University of British Columbia) formed a partnership in September 2015 that will enhance UBC’s standing as a global leader in research and graduate student training in the field of the statistical science of measurement. Psychometrics is the pillar of Paragon Testing’s business and UBC is the pillar in psychometrics in Canada, creating much value to both organizations. This initiative is led by Professor Bruno Zumbo, who is named the holder of the newly created “Paragon UBC Professorship in Psychometrics and Measurement”.

The UBC-Paragon partnership will provide student financial support and an opportunity for graduate students focusing on psychometrics to interact with international leaders in testing and language assessment.

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Dr. Bruno Zumbo – 2016 UBC Killam Research Prize Recipient

Dr. Bruno Zumbo, Paragon UBC Professor of Psychometrics and Measurement, is the winner of the 2016 UBC Killam Research Prize. The Killam Research Prize, which recognizes outstanding research and scholarly contributions from both junior and senior scholars, spans arts and humanities, applied science, science, and medicine.

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Collaborate with Paragon

Paragon encourages and financially supports collaborative research relationships with professional researchers and graduate students. Make a selection below to find out who can apply, how to apply, the financial support offered, the adjudication procedure, the evaluation criteria, and the timelines.

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