• Roy Simrell
    Roy Simrell President & Chief Executive Officer

    Prometric President and CEO Roy Simrell is an accomplished executive with over two decades of experience leading data and technology-enabled services companies across a wide range of industry sectors.  He has held various senior level executive positions in the U.S. and Europe, where he worked with clients to maximize the use of data to gain insights that enabled them to make better business decisions.  Mr. Simrell was most recently President and Chief Client Officer of Inmar, an Intelligent Commerce company located in Winston Salem NC.  He previously served as Global CEO for Symphony EYC and as President/CEO for Retalix USA.

    Mr. Simrell’s primary focus is on developing and executing the strategic priorities for Prometric’s global business, including creating and marketing innovative products that address market needs and position our client organizations for growth and success.  Working in collaboration with the senior management team, he ensures that Prometric’s extensive global resources, organizational structure, and corporate culture are aligned to drive technological and product innovation and exceptional operational performance that delivers tangible business value to the numerous test owners and more than 7 million annual test takers we support.

    Mr. Simrell has an AAS degree in Technology from Devry University and attended William Rainey Harper College majoring in Business.

  • Sean Burke
    Sean Burke Chief Operating Officer

    Sean Burke is Prometric’s Chief Operating Officer. A seasoned executive with a history of building customer-focused organizations that yield effective long-term strategic relationships, he is responsible for development and execution of Prometric’s customer and client strategies and experience. In his role, Sean leads a global candidate operations team designed to identify and adopt operations management best practices across our eight corporate operations centers of excellence.

    He provides leadership for the company’s operations, account management, client success, and business development functions, ensuring that the company’s go to market plans, commercial organizational design, operating processes, and performance systems enable attainment of corporate and client growth objectives, as well as deliver a world-class candidate experience.

    Prior to joining Prometric, Mr. Burke served as Global SVP of Sales at LivePerson, an AI-enabled conversational platform company, where he established strategic partnerships with leading companies in the information technology, communications, healthcare, transportation and retail industries.

    Mr. Burke has an MBA from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith Chief Marketing Officer

    Brooke Smith is Prometric’s Chief Marketing Officer. A results-driven marketing and public relations executive, she is responsible for Prometric’s global marketing functions, including brand management, product marketing, proposal and pursuit management, and corporate communications.  Ms. Smith is responsible for defining the company’s strategic marketing framework and developing corporate marketing plans that reflect a deep awareness and understanding of the industries, stakeholders, and clients that we serve.  She guides Prometric’s engagement with the assessment industry, including sponsorship and attendance at industry events, participation in industry leadership forums, and various voice of the customer programs that drive client intimacy.

    Prior to joining Prometric, Ms. Smith served as Vice President of Client Development at Inmar, a technology-enabled services company, where she led a team of professionals tasked with aligning the company’s products and solutions to the changing retail marketplace.

    Ms. Smith has a bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism from Salem College.

  • Jeff Dailey
    Jeff Dailey Chief Financial Officer

    Jeff Dailey is Prometric’s SVP and Chief  Financial Officer. He is responsible for managerial oversight of all of Prometric’s financial, legal, corporate development and risk management practices, ensuring Prometric’s continued financial strength and our commitment to fund customer-focused strategic growth and innovation priorities.  Jeff is responsible for all aspects of Prometric’s finances and corporate development, driving operational strategies, as well as development of performance metrics associated with those strategies.  Prior to joining Prometric, he was CFO of General Information Services, where he managed all aspects of finance, corporate development, board and investor relations, as well as banking relationships.  Jeff previously worked with TPG Growth and General Atlantic, providing strategic support and financial expertise to the firms’ investment teams and portfolio companies, and was a partner in Deloitte’s M&A Transaction Services practice, leading deal advisory, corporate reorganization and diligence services for private equity and strategic clients in the US and Japan.

    Jeff earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Masters of Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • Oliver Chang
    Oliver Chang Chief Technology Officer

    Oliver Chang is Prometric’s Chief Technology Officer. A global business leader with more than 25 years of experience providing software product development and technology architecture strategy leadership for a wide range of leading financial technology companies, he is focused on the development and execution of Prometric’s product and global technology strategies that are aligned with our corporate strategic initiatives and that support the current and future needs of the global assessment market.  Under his guidance, Prometric’s technology leadership team creates and maintains product roadmaps that introduce technological innovations that satisfy strategic client requirements and advance the industry, as well as incorporate voice of the customer at each stage of the product lifecycle.  He oversees the development and evolution of our networking and data management strategies, ensuring that our production systems reflect the highest standards of security, integrity and resiliency in the industry and protect our client’s intellectual property and test taker personally identifiable information.  Prior to joining Prometric, Mr. Chang was Vice President Product Development – Software for Diebold Nixdorf where he was responsible for driving product and platform transformation and leading the design and implementation of innovative native cloud offerings for SaaS and on-premises customer solutions.

    Mr. Chang has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (with Honors) from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines.

  • Kevin Pawsey
    Kevin Pawsey General Manager, Remote Assessments

    Kevin Pawsey is Prometric’s General Manager, Remote Assessments. A proven EdTech expert with significant experience leading global organizations in the development of online and virtual learning solutions, he has a demonstrated track record of working with top global technology brands, including Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, IBM, Redhat and Dell, and developing and executing innovative product roadmaps, executive trainings, and technology best practices. Under Kevin’s leadership, Prometric will continue to accelerate investments in and optimize the company’s remote assessment solution, ProProctor™, in order to meet the evolving needs of the testing and assessment industry.

    Prior to joining Prometric, Mr. Pawsey served as Chief Experience Officer and Chief Information Officer for Global Knowledge, a global leader in IT and technology training serving individuals and organizations. He also held C-level leadership roles with Macmillan Learning, ItsLearning, and RM Education PLC, and was the Founder of Develop.com, an online platform for the next generation of tech focused professionals and associated technologies.

    Mr. Pawsey attended Kingston University in London, UK, where he earned a post-graduate diploma in Audio Technology, as well as a Micro Masters in Digital Leadership from Boston University Questrom School of Business.

  • James Lee
    James Lee SVP, Candidate Operations

    James Lee is Senior Vice President, Candidate Operations. He provides executive leadership and direction for all corporate functions that directly impact the test taker experience and customer satisfaction, including:  registration and scheduling; application processing; global distribution center services; test center operations & security; capacity planning and development; and, network & infrastructure security.  Mr. Lee works with a global leadership team in North America, Europe, South Asia and Asia Pacific to identify and adopt operations management best practices across our eight corporate operations centers of excellence.  Under his leadership, Prometric has expanded our service capabilities to include test taker and test owner spoken and written communications support in more than 15 world languages during local business hours. He draws on his extensive industry expertise to develop innovative strategies that leverage evolving technologies to increase customer convenience and satisfaction.  He promotes a culture of performance measurement and continuous quality improvement.

    Mr. Lee has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, including application development, quality control and assurance, systems engineering support, and operations management. Prior to joining Prometric in 2001, he was a managing consultant for an information technology firm for educational institutions.

  • Kewin Gales
    Kewin Gales SVP, Human Resources

    Kewin Gales is Prometric’s Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources.    Based in Baltimore and working with a team of HR professionals around the globe, Mr. Gales is responsible developing and implementing human capital and talent management strategies that enable Prometric to recruit, develop and retain highly skilled and engaged employees for all corporate functions.  Under his direction, the HR leadership team develops and maintains corporate policies and practices, designs and delivers corporate learning and development programs, and cultivates a corporate culture and work environment that promotes, safety, opportunity, and respect for all employees.  Mr. Gales has more than 3 decades of experience in human resources management and remains engaged in industry associations and events.

    Mr. Gales holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, and a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Indiana University in Bloomington.

  • Dr. Li-Aaa Kuan, Ph.D.
    Dr. Li-Aaa Kuan, Ph.D. SVP, Test Development Services

    Dr. Li-Ann Kuan is an educational psychologist with over 20 years of experience in psychometric measurement. Over the course of her career, Dr. Kuan has managed the development and delivery of large-scale educational and professional assessments in the United States and internationally.

    At Prometric, Dr. Kuan leads a team of exam content development and psychometric experts who are responsible for creating reliable measures that provide valid interpretations of individual ability. She is responsible for ensuring that the decisions made during the development process are legally defensible. Dr. Kuan collaborates with clients to create assessments that meet critical program goals and key expectations of stakeholder groups. Apart from client support, Dr. Kuan provides ongoing leadership in the development, improvement, and evaluation of all existing and future assessment products.

    Dr. Kuan received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brown University, and a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychological Studies in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • B.T. Bentley
    B.T. Bentley VP, Risk & Compliance

    B.T. Bentley is Prometric’s Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance. He provides executive leadership for Prometric’s risk identification and mitigation efforts, and leads management, oversight, and development of all risk management and compliance system initiatives. Mr. Bentley also leads all security audit initiatives, including CMMI, ISO, PCI, SSAE16, HR security and regulatory compliance, and financial security audits. He directs Prometric’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs, ensuring our ability to effectively respond to unforeseen critical scenarios in a manner that preserves and protects individual and test owner data and that supports a continuation of service to the people we serve.  Mr. Bentley has more than 30 years of management, technology, and security experience. Prior to joining Prometric, he served in various roles in state and federal agencies and the private sector.

    Mr. Bentley holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Mass Communications from Morgan State University.